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You're busy. We get that. You don't like phoning people, especially to book. We get that too. You don't like using online booking systems, and you certainly don't like chancing it on the night. We get it.

Chat2Book is us doing it for you. Just tell us what, where, when & how many and we'll make it happen - or let you know that it can't happen and suggest something else.

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When one visits general merchandise ecommerce sites the amount of products out there is overwhelming and most sites lack high quality curation. To add to this, premium brands are skeptical about featuring their products on these sites because of the lack of discernment on behalf of the site. Stately was born out of these two insights and our offering is a blend of expert curation and value offerings for homeowners in South Africa’s premier lifestyle estates.

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Spell It

Have you ever tried to speak someone on the phone, who doesn't speak great English or happens to be in a noisy area? They end up delivering your food to Balloon View instead of Bellevue Road.

Spell It is a responsive web app that gives you phonetic spelling as you type, or by entering a word. It helps when dealing with very noisy call-centres, telephonic deliveries or your half-deaf grandmother.

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Paleo List

Paleo List is a simple app inspired by Tim Noakes’ article on Health 24, and decided to make an app that lists the foods to buy and avoid buying, as prescribed by a Paleolithic diet. The app is a web and native iPhone app.

What we realised was that healthy eating doesn’t start with what’s in your fridge or on your plate, but with what’s in your shopping basket. All you then need, while shopping, is a simple and portable reminder of what to shop for and what to avoid.

Green denotes what you can eat and red denotes what you can’t eat. Tap on an item for a few more details.

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Never go digging for your important numbers in dusty folders or congested email inboxes again. Access all your admin numbers with one login from any device.

Gather is a responsive web app that helps you collect, store and access your personal info in a single place from any internet-enabled device. The data is encrypted and the app makes use of SSL, for your peace of mind.

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Do Durban

Do Durban is an online mobile-only app showcasing cool Durban places that we and our friends enjoy. The app lists places nearest to you, and can optionally be filtered alphabetically or by tag. The aim was to create a simple and visual list of cool places in Durban with as shallow navigation as possible. Where best to go? Where is closest?

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So you're in Durban. And you've enlisted Google/Apple maps to help you out. But some old-schooler just gave you an old street name - one of those yellow crossed out jobs. Your map app can't find it, or maybe it thought it could and now you're in a dodgy alleyway. Would be nice to have an app that converts those old street names to new ones hey?

Or maybe you're an old-schooler, who only knows the streets by their yellow colonial names, and someone's told you they're situated in Problem Mkhize Road, or Gladys Mazibuko Road. You start pondering where on earth that could be. Then you visit KZNew, type in the street name and out pops the old one. It's as easy as that!

Search for old & new names, and then copy it to where you need it.

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