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Bio: Pat Carmody

I'm a 45 year old business strategist living in Cape Town, South Africa. I have launched 2 tech startups which involved complex software development projects, international enterprise sales across 5 verticals, budgeting and forecasting, fundraising, project management on large global enterprise accounts and marshalling an exit to a listed company. This journey came with weeks, months and years of uncertainty but the coal face learning was considerable. If you are a first time founder and are facing tough decisions on a regular basis Patrick can assist with your fundraising needs, strategy, operating guidance and business development.

Starting and operating a scale up business is hard. Fundraising and investor relations can pull you away from your operation at critical times and can leave you feeling drained and disheartened. Partnering with me makes the journey more valuable and leaves you with skills and contacts that can help you in your next round or next venture.I represent founders and tech startups to the investment community in South Africa and beyond. Having been a founder and operator but also a student of venture funding I am sensitive to the founder’s path whilst understanding the needs of the venture investing business.

My network consists of angel investors, venture capital companies, designers, UX specialists, developers and financial wizards that can help you craft your startup and it’s narrative.


A digital mobile marketing platform. Including an enterprise dashboard with reporting and analytics.

Clients: Unilever, AB Inbev, Famous Brands, Walmart and Tiger Brands.

Exit: Sold to Hirt & Carter in 2017.


A custom instant messaging platform used in the fintech, pharma, real estate, telco and market research sectors.


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